Hidden fingerprints lost in space
Is what I would dream of In front your fireplace
Wild flowers grew from inside the house
Tangled up in stains & holes as she knitted her pink blouse
The sun has dried the ground
It burns, kneel down and acknowledge your crown
Pain is inevitable when you strive to be the best
Working day in and out, to them you seemed a little possessed
Shattered glass on the bottom of their soles
It bleeds as they walk across & their heart becomes a black hole
It's a desert too much quick sand!
You betrayed me, I will never offer you my hand
Seek the sun, but don't you dare stare
For I only have two set of eyes, that are kind- two that I just cannot spare
I can see right through you
If only you knew
Those lies & your fears
You'll need mending for some years
You are caged like a bird, set your wings and be free
This is my heart my dear, tell me, who wants the key?

Kayla CarrasquilloComment