Keeping the feelings within I could feel my heart throbbing against my throat as my teeth shut to the thrusting pressure of my heartbeat
Filled with anger and hurt I allowed every feeling I thought I had and that I thought I felt hide away never to be seen again
As I stood in the shower I felt my soul cry although I did not make a sound. As my tears camouflaged with every drop

 of water..my fingertips numb unable to feel again
My heart it seemed it had been ripped out of my chest as the pain became unbearable, hidden and traveled through my spine I'm breathless I'm restless ...where ever you are
I'm reaching out but I know there will never be us again. I stand alone..but I am strong..am I?
This is how it all began. I'm speechless but I am not lost for my heart will heal ever so delicately, it will heal once again.. I can't help but wonder if I can go through all of this ever again

Kayla CarrasquilloComment