Pretty Passé 

I've had dreams like this before
The kind that always comes true
It makes me want to see more
Especially when they're about you
Who am I for you to believe me
My dreams are for my eyes only
Who am I for you to trust me
My dreams seldom make me feel lonely
But they've come to life today
I dreamt of two human beings
Please say it isn't so
I'll try and drown those dreams away
It's quite scary now you see

When you opened that door without a key
I was quite surprised when my car wouldn't start
The news I found out just broke my heart
Sometimes I wish this gift away

To others a curse to me just a passé 
I'd rather keep my eyes closed
At least dreams have only been created
I just question how it all happens
When dreams and reality are so easily

Kayla CarrasquilloComment