Ocean, River, Misty Rain

Misty Rain
Let the leaves fall from you
When the concrete cracks & the critters start to crawl
Beware of those snakes
They won't catch you before you fall
The rain that cleanses me
I hold a bowl up to the sky
I drink what has been given to me
Should I feel whole?
Should I feel new?

I feel fresh out of the shower too
It shows all over my face
My hair all in my face
I always liked it like that
I'd rather be by myself
But then again I don't like being alone
When in my thoughts I often get lost
Bring me back if you believe in me

I don't need you, but I wanted you
In the middle of an ocean
Pull me in closer to land
A lot of life slips right through my hands like sand
Misty Rain
I can't see you
But I know you're there, floating everywhere
It's like making love in the dark, unable to be seen
But I can feel you near

Kayla CarrasquilloComment