To Know Solitude is to Know You

The hardest thing for many to do, is to know yourself.
I always say I usually don’t like being alone but I can’t help to admit that it is was in those moments spent alone, in those special moments that I’ve created the most beautiful pieces. My mind is free & my thoughts are clear. There is a special advantage in knowing and bridging the gap between how we think we are and how we really are in reality, even though writing is my escape from it all. Self-discovery & self-awareness is what I am starting to embrace is what’s most significant. It’s why I know myself so much now.
More than anyone else thinks they should, I have my own connection to myself. & shouldn’t it be that way anyway? Yes, I have people I love and want to be around but I am not dependent on them. I am growing in my own Independence because I want control of my own life. I wanted to find a way to become more intimate with my own ideas, the opposite of how distraction works, solitude gives you peace of mind.
The silence turns into words while creating my work and I fall in love with what I do all over again. I used to feel paralyzed, afraid & alone, it was only me and my thoughts. Suddenly my uninterrupted thoughts from the silence started to consume me. This is where my work comes from when I am alone. It always feels right. Solitude at its best. The single most important part of my everyday life. The feelings I want to feel forever..<3