The Value of Time Is Priceless

The only people who think there’s a time limit for grief, have never lost a piece of their heart.

Take all the time you need.

A lot of the times people think it's the woman or the man that was the "problem" in the relationship. I cannot tell you how many men and especially women who have been torn and broken by a past relationship who just decide to never get married or be in a relationship again. Women and men all over are remaining single- Why? Well, I'll tell you why, because it hurts! And it hurts badly. It has been said that when a person is heart broken they can actually feel pain even if nothing physical is happening to them. It hurts to be with someone for so long, be so in love with them and spend every day with them to suddenly find yourself in a situation where you are no longer with them. You feel nothing but pain, hurt, resentment, and you may even feel like giving up. 

All the memories, all the laughs, all the time that was spent with your partner is what hurts and we just don't want to do it all over again. To start dating all over again, building trust again..risking their hearts again. It just hurts and no one falls out of love as easy as it was to fall in love when everything seemed okay.

So what do we do? We move on, sure we move on; but we hold on to all the pain, all the hurt and the resentment. We are no longer beautiful statues, we are broken pieces of ashes that were slowly chipped away one by one, piece by piece from every lie and every betrayal that you've been through. Only longing for someone to come along to help you pick up those pieces as if it were so easy. It's much harder to put a puzzle back together than it is to take it apart.

The truth itself doesn't hurt at all.
It was the thought that it was love all this time that does. 

So every time you argue, every time you accuse and abuse, every time you lie or cheat remember this one thing..your lover is a beautiful statue. Each time you hurt them you chip a beautiful piece of them away and once those pieces are gone, putting them back together will never be the same      and whats left will be their dust that remains. 

 Hurt and healing takes time, think about the work that would have to put in to rebuild a beautiful statue, a work of art-- back to its perfectly crafted shape. THAT takes time &  most of all love takes time. 

So honey, take all the time you need. Just don't give up, because then that becomes a waste of time.