Finding Our Sensual Self

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
finding our sensual self
This is the hidden wound we have to talk about..
sometimes us women tend to create one path; don't worry about thinking out of the box- they've thrown it away..leaving themselves with no option. So who chooses our lifestyle? our family? Do our friends choose? Subconsciously we may even choose a lifestyle that often builds a barrier, its almost as if we create a false reality. Why then do we find that so many women are "alone" or "single".. to me, that's too much of an high emotional price tag I just cannot afford.
finding our sensual self
I also think a lot of the times these tags we place on ourselves come from the inability to allow ourselves to be sensual, sexual or to experience physical touch as women. To me whether you believe in a higher power or not-this all is spiritual. Our own sexuality is  extremely important as woman as it should be. It is also said that amorous activities like kissing, sex, and physical touch release a whole other system of positive hormones. its no wonder men are even more attracted to sensuality, confidence, and warmth- which are all spiritual qualities. With all of the hormones that us ladies already produce-I think its safe to say that we would benefit from these good ones in our daily lives. It's a feeling similar to that of dopamine or endorphins because those activities make us feel better and believe it or not they help us with our cognitive thinking.

I always tell my family and mainly my friends, no one likes to be alone and yes I hear people say this all the time "I like being alone." Well when it comes down to it, do you really like to be alone? Being alone is not the "norm", it really isn't. Many times people tend to find themselves through others. Self discovery is always influenced by selfless love. Sex, touching, kissing and physical touch is not a burden nor should it be seen as one. It should be seen as a gift. You can be an attractive "Godly" woman and still exude selfless love to the people who care about. love does not come with guilt if used in the correct way of course. It only becomes useless if you don't use it- like everything else in life. Use your confidence and learn to be more than just the sum of your achievements.
This is the very reason why I love being a woman. I love how aware i am of my own sexuality and sensuality. Perhaps it's time if you haven't already- to start loving yours!


Kayla Carrasquillo2 Comments